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Problems With Mouth Sores

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I know this sounds gross but when I slip up or accidently eat something containing gluden etc... I seem to develope sore places on my tongue and inside my month. Not many but maybe one or two. They really hurt. Does this have something to do with the celiac? I know there must be some sort of connection as it seems to happen quite a bit.

Thanks for any input on this topic... Kathy

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Yes that is one of the symptoms. Are you good about being gluten free? Your diet should be controlling them.


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I think I'm getting one today! I am pretty sure I got glutened last week and had about 4-5 days of feeling it in my stomach and feeling slow overall. It was either a new supplement or this gum I like. It's been 3-4 days since my stomach has been better but I'm getting one under my upper lip and I'm really bummed out about it. I haven't had one in a long time. I wonder if it's related to my gluten ingestion or not. Bummer...


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I have that problem once in a while, but I always thought it had something to do with my body needing vitamins? It seems like afterwards I start being really good about taking the vitamins and it will clear up. I am pretty sure no gluten is getting past my lips!

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As far as the vitamin connection goes I really dont think that is causing the sores. My folic acid and b-12 levels are great after I found out I had celiac and started taking care of myself.

I do admit though that I slip up monthly (at least) sometimes by accident I eat out quite a bit....and sometimes I just have to have a cookie. I pay dearly and feel so stupid after I do it. I really think the month sores are caused by the food containing the no-no's. I just wondered if anyone else was bothered and thought it was a connection to the celiac.

As far as the slip ups go. I am learning my lessons the hard way. I found out about the celiac around the fall of last year. The longer I stay food offender free ,the worst the results when I do eat food that are off limits. I guess with some hardheads it just takes longer to be good!


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I've found that when I eat high amounts of sugar and sometimes high levels of stress cause the canker sores. I've followed a gluten-free diet religiously and this seems to be the link for me when I get a sore.

For treatment my Dr. prescrribed valtrex which gets rid of the canker sores quickly and keeps them away for months!

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I had a couple bagels and a sub sandwich one day before deciding to follow the gluten-free diet. Bagels didn't cause any trouble (that I knew of anyway) but the bread from the sandwich immediately inflamed my tongue and I got little bumps on it. That was the last time I had intentionally ingested gluten. Hopefully, it will be the last. :D

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