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'immunal' Reaction To Cow's Milk

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my gluten intolerance is autoimmunal and i have been told that it damages the intestines. if i have an igA level of 17 (above normal/elevated antibodies)for cow's milk reaction (casein), does that mean that this 'immunal' activity causes damage to my intestinal villi? when i eat dairy, i get bloated and it usually goes away by the next day, but thats the only symptom i notice. could it be more severe than i think?

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I have read that casein can cause "protocolitis," a temporary condition that damages the intestines causing projectile vomiting and bloody diarrhea (my son has this condition):


I'm not aware of this happening in adults. I'm also not aware of any scientific tests for intolerances that accurately predict your symptoms. IgA and IgG tests tend to change over time depending on what your diet is like. For example... if a person with celiac disease stops eating gluten, his or her anti-gliaden and ttg antibodies should disappear after a while.

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