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Question About Dairy Intolerance

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My daughter has been doing the gluten free diet for about 3 months now and doing well except for one thing that I am having trouble pinpointing. I have noticed that everytime she has eaten a mozzarella cheese stick or cottage cheese she says her throat itches and she gets a slight cough that last about an hour or two and then clears up. The funny thing is this does not seem to happen if she eats cheese slices (american/swiss/cheddar) or products like yogurt, chips,crackers, popcorn that contain cheese or dairy. Is there something different in the ingredients of mozzarella or cottage cheese?

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions I would appreciate it.


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I am lactose intolerant. When I was her age, I could still have milk but I always had a thick throat with it. It was the congestion that dripped down my throat and made it feel thick and then I would cough. It could have been slightly swollen too; I just don't remember. I realized what was wrong at about age 17 and stopped having fresh milk.

After all these years, I cannot tolerate any fresh milk products. Now aged cheeses and butter I can eat fine. I've learned those are much lower in lactose. Very fresh cheeses I cannot tolerate either. Maybe the type of cheese is what gets her. I certainly could not eat cottage cheese. I really miss it.

Hope that answer helps you.

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