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Is Anyone Else Casein Intolerant?

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im casein intolerant and i have stayed away from it for a few months. its really hard to keep it up and it is also very expensive. i have heard of a few people making their exceptions and putting a little bit of cream in their coffee or a bit of butter on their toast. im wondering if anyone else does this. also, im wondering if cooking with dairy products is different. does the chemical reaction in cooking/baking change the casein in any way? would it be silly of me to ask if i can use dairy in my cooked/baked goods? i would greatly appreciate your feedback. thanks.

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yep, casein intolerant. symptoms aren't as bad as gluten, but why eat something my system doesn't like?

really, rather than substitute replacement foods for gluten and dairy, for the most part, I do without. a little something once in a while, but there are SO MANY other whole foods out there, there is little need to go after subs. they're great to have as treats - but as you point out, they're expensive; they don't need to be staples. (my most recent treat - coconut milk kefir.)

baking and cooking will not change the casein content or effectivity such that you could eat it again.

you *might* find that a different type of milk (goats or sheeps, for instance) is ok in small quantities (like in coffee), but it varies by individual and there's no guarantee. (different species have different make-ups of milk - cow milk is heavy in one subset of casein, goat and sheep different ones.)

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As the above poster, I just usually do without. It's hard to find (around here) good substitutes that doesn't have SOME SORT of casein in it anyway and the price is always prohibitive. I HAVE discovered just this summer that just a small bite or two of cheese usually won't hurt me. But cheddar always does. I don't know why. Maybe its a hard cheese vs. soft cheese issue?? Who knows. And as pp said, if you put dairy in baked/cooked dishes, it's still in there! I use soymilk when I cook.

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I am CF too. I have read on a few websites now that 50% of celics cannot tolerate Casein either-- something to do with its similarity to the gluten protein, I think.

C is like G in the sense that if you put it in something like a cake, it will still be there. Of course it will!

But there is hope. I have talked to quite a few celiacs and it turns out that many people have an initial sensitivity that goes away. Another group finds they can eat gluten a few years out, after things have healed sufficiently. One lady said it took her 10 years to be able to eat it again in baked goods!

So here is a list of decent substitutes:

butter in cooking= crisco, cream of coconut (the white fatty portion), oil

chocolate chips= enjoy life brand

milk= almond milk, gluten-free soy milk, water, apple sauce, coconut milk

ice cream= turtle mountain, soy dream

sour cream= better than sour cream (soy based)

cream cheese= better than cream cheese (soy based)

And no help here on the cheeses because I think the soy-based ones are pretty yuckky.

For the most part, I do things like angel food cakes and chiffon cakes that do not use butter.

Good luck!

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