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Juror Questionnaire

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For this post my definition of "outsiders" is a non-celiac who knows nothing about celiac and gluten-free diet.

I think the problem is as such:

Celiacs without on-going health-related problems are able to

participate in normal activities, as well they should.

The "outsiders" view this as, "Oh, so celiacs are able to participate."

But when a celiac, who isn't doing well, claims illness due to ongoing celiac issues, the "outsiders" view this as perhaps "false" because they happen to know celiacs who are perfectly OK with normal activities. This causes the "outsiders" to cast doubt on celiac disease as possibly causing additional health problems which would keep you from doing normal activities.

To me, it's too complex for a yes or a no or just to answer on face value. Every case has to be considered individually.

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