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Dedicated Lines

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I'm currently on a gluten-free trial diet to see if my symptoms go away.

I've been researching and contacting companies to make sure products aren't contaminated with gluten, and I've been finding so many companies that list their products as gluten free, but also mention that their gluten free products are manufactured in the same facilities as wheat products, and that a "slight residue" may remain.

So, what to do? Should I avoid these products or give them a try? It's so hard to find products made on dedicated lines, it's very discouraging.

What do you all do in these situations?

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I eat products from shared facilities. If you allow any gluten foods into your house, then your house is a shared facility.

With respect to shared equipment, it depends on the type of product and how thoroughly the lines can be cleaned.

Celiacs vary in their sensitivity. In time, you will find what is right for you, but I would suggest trying foods and avoiding ones that you react to. In doing so, however, keep in mind that during the healing process you may react to just about anything until your gut has recovered.

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I also buy and eat some mainstream products that are not produced in a gluten-free facility. I usually call the company to inquire if the lines are cleaned after production of a gluten product. I also use my common sense. For example, there is a brand name chicken burger I'd love to try but ALL their other products are breaded and I doubt the line can be cleaned well enough. In any event, it's not worth the risk when I can just buy some great organic chicken breasts and season them myself for use as burger patties.

psawyer is correct -- at first you may react poorly to all sorts of food since there is so much damage to the cells in your small intestine. I now find, after almost 6 mnths gluten-free, that I can tolerate probiotic yogurts (and that was not always the case)

Good luck

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