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Is It Safe To Use Plastic Gloves?

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My hands are so sore from constantly washing them and my dishes. I thought about wearing plastic gloves for washing dishes. Since there is gluten in my home, will it contaminate the gloves and then contaminate the dishes?

I am also concerned about using gluten free lotion on my hands. If I contact gluten after applying it, won't it just stick to the lotion and be hard to wash off?

Am I just worrying too much?

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Wash your hands before putting on lotion if you are concerned.

Can't say what to do about the gloves and gluten. I have a gluten free kitchen just so I don't have to worry. I do wear gloves when washing dishes but they say uncontaminated.

Have you checked to be sure your soaps are gluten free?

I guess you could have two sets of gloves. Wash the gluten free items first, then change gloves and wash the poisoned dishes.

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I recently stayed at my son's home for 2 weeks. He has a tiny kitchen with no dishwasher--he eats gluten but is very careful. I did the dishes while I was there--what I did was rinse all dishes well in hot water (till they looked clean) and then wash them in a big sink full of soapy water and rinsed well. I have to say I was not glutened the whole time I was there, and I was a bit concerned going into it.

I did the cooking while there, so no gluten in the meals--he really only ate a bagel in the morning, and made sandwiches on a plate. I think it's possible to "share" a kitchen if all parties are "on the same page".

I do use plastic gloves sometimes for bathroom cleaning or handling raw meat--I get the disposable kind and have never had a problem.

As for the lotion, I don't think gluten would "stick" to it any worse than it would get on your skin. If you come in contact with gluten--whether or not you are wearing lotion, I would wash your hands with something like Softsoap with Aloe (I keep this in my soap dispenser at the kitchen sink--it's pretty easy on the skin, as soaps go and it's safe). I know this time of year can be brutal on our skin :)

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