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Help! Going Through The Big D

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So I figured out I got glutened by Rolaids Soft Chews. I stopped taking them on Sat Night, and by Monday, I was fine. I just felt terrible and had frequent D.

This am I got my H1N1 nasal spray. I was fine til lunch, when I had a salad from the salad bar at Whole Foods. Lettuce, beets, chicken, radishes and red quinoa with gluten-free balsamic vinagarette (I read the label). The quinoa is the only thing that I haven't had before. There were no gluten ingredients on the salad bar at all.

About an hour after lunch, the D started. This is the worst D I have ever had. It is every 5 minutes and I havent made it a few times :( Prior to going gluten-free, I always had C, never D.

So my questions are: is this left over from the Rolaids, a new glutening, or a result of the flu innoculation? Do antidiarheal pills help, or just time?

Thanks for your help. This stinks :(

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<snort> on the thread title--I'm a big Mark Chestnutt fan :P

Could be any of those things, honestly. The salad bar could have had some CC going on--that would be my first guess, and you may not have fully healed from the last glutening. Truthfully, I use Immodium in a case like this. It calms things down and stops the D--I always keep a box in the house and some in my purse.

Hope you feel better soon :)

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