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Joint Pain Question

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Joint pain is a symptom correct? by saying that is it merely pain or swelling as well? Also does deginerative arthritis have anything to do with celiac....?

My mother had deginerative arthritis as well as other symptoms related.....

I am not even thirty and having problems with my joints and other symptoms as well....Is this celiac related?

Thank you


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It is my understanding that there is no known connection between osteo-(degenerative) arthritis and celiac. There is a definite correlation between rheumatoid arthritis and celiac. RA is an autoimmune disease like celiac. Osteoarthritis is the "wear and tear" arthritis. Now both can cause pain and even swelling in the joints. But with the RA any associated swelling tends to be more generalized, and with my psoriatic arthritis entire digits swell up. RA is also associated with pain in places that you wouldn't expect osteoarthritis to occur. Osteoarthritis is evident as degeneration on x-rays. It takes some time for RA to do its work on joint deterioration that would show up on x-rays, and if you catch it early enough you can sometimes prevent joint damage with appropriate treatment. Do you, or do you think you have celiac??

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Jeez where to begin....Family history I suppose...My Mother's side of history is all I know...the women in my family have depression. There are also several ADHD people, Anxiety, diabetes, both rheumatoid and osteo arthritis, Lupus,

My Maternal Aunt has ulcerative colitis (still alive) my maternal grandmother died of colon cancer, as well as 9 others, My Grandfather on mothers side had severe reflux, My second maternal aunt (deceased) died from Malignant brain cancer she had lupus, breast cancer, brain cancer and other auto immune disorders, My maternal cousin had one child and now is infertile (does not ovulate properly) severe depression and other problems, My mother (deceased) osteo and rheumatoid arthritis as well as others in the family, lactose intolerant, her tests frequently showed malnutrition even though she was a good weight, She died from unexplained circumstances. My grandmothers stool smelled horrible I hated going into her bathroom.

Now me...I haven't been tested yet but I have in the past been diagnosed with diverticulosis, I have had several abdominal cat scans, been hospitalized for abdominal pain for 5 days, have D constantly and if not that then constipated for days, my stool smells like my grandmas did, it looks like fat floating, I have numerous allergies to everything including MSG. they did not fully test my food allergies, I have gas alot, joint pain that is getting worse, abdominal pain alot, ADHD, anxiety, I have trouble gaining weight but can lose it over night, anemic alot, and so far cannot conceive. My face breaks out horrible, i have very itchy skin, my teeth are all of the sudden getting cavities when they didn't before. I'm sick a lot and tired all the time.....I'm 29 years old and it just gets worse as I go along.

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...and...let me guess, Ivyblaze, not one single person in your family has ever been tested for celiac disease? Am I right?? If not, or even if they have, I think it is time you went to your primary care physician and demanded to be tested on the following basis:

alternating diarrhea and constipation

cramping stomach pain and gas

foul smelling stool

fatty looking bowel movements

inability to concentrate

joint pain


inability to conceive

itchy skin

food intolerances

rotting teeth

constant sickness and fatigue

family history--especially diabetes, RA, lupus, colon cancer, as well as the symptoms like yours.

Don't take no for an answer. You will need to have a full celiac panel:

Anti-Gliadin (AGA) IgA

Anti-Gliadin (AGA) IgG

Anti-Endomysial (EMA) IgA

Anti-Tissue Transglutaminase (tTG) IgA

Total Serum IgA

Don't suffer any longer because I don't think it's going to get any better and it could get a lot worse. Good luck. :)

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You are correct not a single person has ever been tested in my family.....not to mention I forgot most including my mother had thyroid problems and her gall bladder removed, and come to think of it her teeth were declining too, and Four of us have asthma. not to mention I am allergic to hay, wheat dust, pecans etc...the only thing they have ever told me was you have allergies take these shots one in each arm for four years and you will be fine. I have seen 8 immediate family members die in 4 years mostly my maternal side of my family and my mother 52, aunt early 40's, grandma in early 70's, grandpa in late 70's. All I know is my gut burns constanly and the cramping is almost unbearable at times...I do not want to die early too.

I happened on this by total fate...i was watching a show about celiac disease and I sat there in tears thinking oh my god those are my symptoms, those were my families symptoms.....that is how I ended up here. Strangly when I was hospitalized for 5 days they had me on almost no food I got better. Rice, beans, banans, jello etc. They released me and told me I was fine. I will be requesting a celiac panel soon....Any ideas on the costs of that?

Thank you so very much! I cannot even begin to tell you how much. Now how in the world do I explain this to my husband if this is the case...he knows my symptoms but just figured that is they way I am because for almost 8 years that we have been together this is how I have been running to the rest room after I eat and having D violently and then days no BM at all. How do you explain this? He is a southern farm boy...fried, meat, potatoes and bread!

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It's hard when families can't get on board. I am from a farm family too, meat, bread, potatoes, puddings, baked goods everywhere morning, noon and night. No wonder I was always in the vegetable garden eating the fresh peas and carrots, and climbing the apple trees. :lol: Breakfast used to be a disaster of rolled oats or Wheetbix, fried leftover potatoes, or fatty bread (sometimes both) and then, joy, at least egg and or bacon or sausage and, this being New Zealand, sometimes even a lamp chop!! Couple of slices of toast to go with that too. OMG, a good ole Kiwi farm breakfast. I would have such stomach aches at school :( .

I have a gluten intolerant sister, and another sister who is unacknowledged gluten intolerant, my mother was always gassy and belching, my father had RA and diarrhea, my brother was born with all-over eczema, had failure to thrive, diaarrhea and developed a seizure disorder (petit mal), so though I have never been gene tested I am probably a double celiac gene person. What difference? I know gluten is my problem and it turns out my husband is celiac too (he developed dermatitis herpetiformis whilst cheating on the diet) so he is on board now :lol: . But my other sister and all her family think my older sister and I are hypochondriacs because they knew us in our gluten eating days and they will make no accommodation at all. That's just the way it goes. She lives in the North Island and needless to say I don't visit her often.

With any luck you will get a positive diagnosis that will convince your husband that you must eat gluten free. You will learn new ways to cook things that taste just as delicious as the gluten thingys and he would probably be healthier too if he were to join you.

P.S. Since I live in New Zealand I don't know how much this blood panel would cost in the U.S. Maybe someone else can help you with that.

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Funny note: my mother used to tell me that she craved veggies and fruit with me but bread made her sick when prego with me. Laughs....she used to find me in the garden munching too Laughs. I just know that he will get it but his family might not so I will just have to depend on him to speak up for me....his mom listens to him :) strangely we live on a farm and I enjoy everything but being around the hay lol

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