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Different Symptoms, Different Form Of Gluten?

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Hi there!

I have experienced a couple of glutenings since first starting, and I am wondering if the following is anything any of you have had also.

Ive noticed that the ''form'' of gluten I get seems to affect the symptoms I have. I had soy sauce in some thai food last week and I think it caused me to have a horrible headache for days. Other times I accidentaly had a couple spoonfulls of some barley soup before I realized it was that and had a burning pain in the upper GI tract a few hours later.

Do any of you get different symptoms depending on what the form of gluten you eat is?


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Hello! Yes...I am the same way. I am new to this as well. As a trial and error, I stayed gluten/wheat free for about 3 weeks recently, and all headaches, stomach pains, acid reflux and lung/breathing problems went away. Then I went out with a friend to an all-you-can-eat asian place. I already knew they put teriyaki on everything, especially the chicken and beef. While eating, I started to immediately get small pains in the lower stomach, but they went away as the afternoon went on, and I was generally ok. But late at night in bed the stomach pains began, as did the lung/breathing problems (the scariest of all symptoms). And some nervous shaking in the morning. By afternoon I was ok, but the stomach pains lasted for about 3 or 4 days. That was only from the teriyaki which has wheat! When I have actually eaten gluten, the symptoms are intensified even more. Also, products I have bought in the past which say, " shared on equipment which also produces peanuts, wheat, and milk" often give milder or stronger reactions. I think I may have a problem with peanuts, too, although its never been diagnosed. Now that I have been gluten/wheat free for 3 or 4 weeks, it seems like the reactions are intensified when I eat some form of them all of a sudden.

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