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Is Sapporo Beer Gluten Free

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I have heard that Sapporo Beer is made from rice and therefore is gluten free. I have drank Sapporo a few times and havent had a bad reaction yet. Does anyone know if it really is gluten free? Thanks!

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Looks like the answer is no. Here are a couple links and quotes from them.


"A number of beer manufacturers, including Budweiser and Sapporo, will tell you that the brewing process makes this barley content harmless as it no longer contains gluten. It is very tempting to believe them, as standard beer is normally a lot cheaper than specialized gluten free beer, however just because there are no intact hordein proteins left in the drink that does not necessarily make them safe to include in a gluten free diet"


"Rice -- the chief crop in the East -- is often associated, in wine form, with sake. The Japanese have used rice to brew beer for centuries. Sapporo and Kirin are classics, their finish desert-dry. American macro brewers have used rice and corn, cheaper than barley, to reduce their cost of production. Note: Neither Kirin nor Sapporo are gluten-free."

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