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Kathleen Smith

Wanted To Share Vitamin Info

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Half of the ingredients are either not needed at all or are not in their best form (even though they claim all the ingredients are). The stuff that is important for us to take during healing you can get for much cheaper if you buy individually, somewhere around half that price.

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I think these are unbelievably overpriced! Get a good gluten-free multi, like from Country Life or Now or even your local drug or grocery store and some probiotics. Just as good if not better and much much less costly.

You live in NJ, if you have a Wegmans nearby get your multi there. They are really good about labeling and very inexpensive.

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To me it seems like a Vitamin/Supplement Supplier using selective advertising to 'frighten' Celiacs into believing the need a whole bunch of tablets just to be well.

Follow guidance from your Dr/Nutritionist/Consultant.

Here's an interesting article on Vitamins and Minerals.

A complete list of Vitamins and Minerals from A to Zinc.

Their Sources

Their Functions

Deficiency Sign

Signs of Excess

Notes on Requirements


Please note some of the food sources are not permitted on a Gluten Free Diet

Best Regards,


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