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Want To Cry-So Frustrated!

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I love this article by our own celiac hero Dr. Peter Green at the Celiac Center at Columbia University Medical School, because he takes the American medical community to task for being so irresponsible about this disease:

Why are U.S. physicians spotting only 3 percent of cases? Part of the problem is that celiac disease, because it’s treatable without drugs, hasn’t attracted much attention from medical researchers in the United States, says Green.


So many people on this board, including me, have stories like yours. It's the medical community that is at fault, not you. The good news is that you don't need an official diagnosis. You just need to stop eating gluten. You already know that eliminating gluten is making you better.

WOW! thanku! this is a fantastic article!

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I had the perfect example of exactly this situation. After I went gluten free, I noticed something weird: eating citrus gave me an ear ache, vertigo, and eventually a headache.

Wow, that is very interesting. Would love to know what the mechanism behind that is, but sadly I think it's going to take many decades before science catches up with all our weird intolerances! Well done for noticing that!

I found after going gluten-free, I would get nauseous after eating the nightshade family of plants (especially undercooked or raw peppers), or significant amounts of soya. Prior to going gluten-free I was too sick to really notice the connection, but as soon as I went gluten-free I picked it up.

I don't know if it's become worse after going gluten-free, or the gluten symptoms masked it, but either way it's quite odd :)

To reply to the topic on hand, I think Dr. Green recommends not self-diagnosing, as such broad symptoms can be caused by many things, and it's a good idea to get a professional look-over just in case it's cancer or Crohns or something... Of course if your GI says it's IBS, feel free to try gluten-free because that's probably more beneficial than uber-fiber and pills for the rest of your life...

Definately recommend trying gluten-free to see if it helps, you don't need a diagnosis to keep to the diet!

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