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Got Blood Test Results Back

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I got my blood test results back and my GP has said that there was two tests for Coeliac disease, one came back normal and the other was slightly raised (IgA they didnt say which one). It was confirmed that this same thing was raised this same time last year, but was ignored. I was told that its possible Coeliac and that they would like to speak the consultant and then if need be refer me back to them.

I couldn't take anymore of the feeling ill and because Ive been at work I spoke to my dietician. I know they cant diagnose anything, but we both felt that gluten was making me feel ill. So since tuesday Ive been eating gluten free. There has been a big difference already. Usually after being up for as little as two hours I would have been to the toilet at least 3 times. Yesterday I only went once and that was in the evening, it was much better than normal, looked healthy. Ive had no tiredness, no heavy head and just feel much better.

I have to see what my GP says after speaking to the consultant and I know I cant be given a diagnosis just by blood tests, but I dont think I can get through by eating gluten containing foods and I couldn't go through with an endoscopy.

I just feel like Ive got an answer for all my physical symptoms, if Im right I would be so tempted to tell everyone that treated me like I was attention seeking or it was all in my head.

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Some doctors will be willing to give you a "clinical diagnosis" of Celiac based on the fact that you responded so well to the gluten-free diet. Talk with your doc about that and describe in detail how things have changed for you since stopping gluten.

For what it's worth, my blood tests were positive and my biopsies were negative, but my doc said he believes the blood tests and my response to the diet, so we're good to go. I have Celiac. The tests for Celiac aren't the greatest, unfortunately. It's not like with diabetes where you can count the sugar and there's plenty to count no matter what. Antibodies are funny things and tend to misbehave when we measure them, and the endoscopy is unreliable because Celiac causes spotty bowel damage that's not always visible to the naked eye. So IF they biopsy the right place, they'll see the right thing. But that's a big IF.

Regardless of the testing, I hope you continue to feel better! That's the main thing, anyway.

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if you dont need a diagnosis to motivate yourself, then just stay on the gluten-free diet- you deserve to feel better.

if i were you, i would ask for a copy of your test results- you should have your own copy so you can understand your own numbers- i did this, and they mailed them both to me-> after researching- i learned more about my results than my doctors knew-> not because im smarter than them, just because they miss stuff, or they just glance at it... plus like poster said above- there's several different antibody tests and it makes it a difficult disease to diagnose.

im lucky my GP ordered A LOT, INCLUDING the EMA which came out positive- then i was lucky they referred me to a GI. My GI was really nice and open minded to the increase in Celiac disease, etc... but again- he didnt even notice that i was Iga deficient and positive on my EMA... he only glanced at my TTG.... so, it is a great idea to get your results for yourself so you know your body more.

the endoscopy is really easy im sure! i only had the colonoscopy- and it was really easy, except for the PREP, and painful gas for 4 days... but the endo doesnt entail all of that.

anyways, im glad i didnt do the endo- because apparently my 2 week gluten challenge the doc put me on was not long enough... and ive got DH now, so that's a much cheaper diagnosis. .... ALTHO- i would like to get an endo soon to make sure ive got nothing else going on.

endos & colonoscopies ARE actually good to put your mind at ease- and make sure everything else is good to go.... cause gluten can cause a lot more than just your small intestinal response.

welcome :)

1986- Elevated Speckled ANA/no Lupus.negative Sjorgens

2008- AntiGliadin IGA/IGg~ Negative,TTG IGA/IGg~ Weak Positive, Endomysial Antibody~ Positive, IGA Deficient.

no biopsy (insurance denied)

6/2010- Enterolab Gene Test:

HLA-DQB1 Allele 1 0302

HLA-DQB1 Allele 2 0302

HLADQ 3,3 (subtype 8,8)

7/2010- 100% Gluten Free

8/2010- DH

10/2010-Hypothyroid dx-> 12/2010 Hashimoto's dx + 1/11- Graves dx :(

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