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Can Anyone Shine A Little Light Please

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Hello I have been unwell since I entered my forties I have been diagnosed with IBS anaemia ostoeporosis, they thought I had chrons as I was terribly ill with constant loose stools, skin rashes and mal apsortion , I had a york test and it revealed I was very strongly intolerant to Casein I was quite a bit better after cutting Casien out and the hospital have done blood tests for celiac but nothing has shown up .... however I have been very poorly with digestive problems over the years and was admitted to hospital recently with digestive problems ..... but they still don't know what the problem is, I have relatives with Celiac on my mums side,

However tonight I really looked at my skin rash with a light and a magnifying glass and it looks exactly like a celiac DH rash .... the rash is mainly on the lower legs and the lesions seem to spring up from nowhere they really sting and get extremely itchy, there is always a little shiny watery crater in the middle and the marks takes ages to clear up , it leaves behind a darker skin coloured mark which then turn white over time as though the pigment has gone away , I have lots of little white marks on my skin where this rash has been , can anyone help shine a little light on what I should do next I feel poorly all the time now .

Thank you in advance .

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Yes, this sounds like a textbook description of dermatitis herpetiformis, or the skin form of celiac. Make sure when they take the biopsy that they take it from the skin next to the lesion, and not from the lesion itself. The antibodies they are looking for will be found in the adjacent tissue.


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