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Great gluten-free Pizza Place In Arizona

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This chain is mostly in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas, one in Tucson, as well, I believe.

Picazzo's is a really great gluten-free pizza place. They have a dedicated gluten-free area, dedicated equipment, and dedicated toppings for their gluten-free foods. They have gluten-free versions of almost all their menu offerings, including appetizers. And all of their ingredients, except for the wheat pasta, are gluten-free for the whole menu - their sausage, pepperoni, cheeses, etc...

I also liked that they try to use local vendors for their food, and they use organic products as much as possible (although the price reflects that, sigh).

When I was talking to them about what ingredients they used in their gluten-free flour mixture (we have other allergies, so we gotta check), the first person I got on the phone knew all the vendors right off the bat and was happy to give me their names - and phone number if she had them - so I could call them up and see if they contained any of my allergens. Asking about the mints up at the front, they also could tell you right away whether they were gluten-free or not, in more than one of the restaurants.

All in all, they were very friendly and seemed very allergen aware and careful with the food. :D

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Hi. Thanks for posting this. I will be traveling to Arizona - Phoenix and Tucson - in a few weeks. I would love to go.

How did the pizza taste?

Do you know any other gluten free restaurants in the area?

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They also have one in Flagstaff. I have eaten there as well as the one in Tempe. Most of the menu is gluten free and it is AWESOME!

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Ok, it's been a while since I have posted, but here goes.

Restaurants in the Phoenix area that I frequent. I think most have gluten-free menus:

Tonto Bar and Grill - in Carefree. Really good and pretty view of golf course. Love this place. Pricey.

Pizza Picazzo's - I usually go to the one on Frank Lloyd Wright in Scottsdale. Also have great salads and gluten-free pasta dishes

Indulge Burger - On Scottsdale Road and Shea (SWC) Has gluten-free buns. Unfortunately, on 2 times since I have been there they were out of the buns and substituted a gluten-free english muffin. Too small for the burger. I get the turkey burger. I think the burgers are around $10 give or take. They have gluten-free fries that are baked.

Havana Cafe - Have been to the one on Bell Road. I've always had a good meal. The gluten-free menu warns you of the cc if you get something fried. Hubby, not gluten-free, did have a bad meal once. It was the Paella (sp?). I've always had a good meal there. Ambiance is so so.

Fogo de Chao - Yum. Just the best experience. Ask for the manager. He will go over everything that is gluten-free and most everything is. It's a Brazilian meat place. Close to $50/meal including huge salad bar. They have great little Brazilian cheese rolls, polenta and fried bananas - all come with the meal.

White Chocolate Grill - Located in North Scottsdale @ Mayo Blvd near the 101. Has good gluten-free menu. I would say it is similar to a Houston's.

PF Changs - I go to the one on Scottsdale Road in Kierland Commons

Outback - I don't go there much, but there are a few

Flemings Steak - Has a gluten-free menu

True Foods - I have been to 2 locations. I think the one on Camelback is the best. They have a gluten-free menu and healthy options.

Nourish - Have gluten-free menu. I have not been there yet.

Fry's at Tatum and Shea. They have a nice gluten-free section. If you like sweets, look in the freezer section near the gluten-free section and try Julia's cupcakes. Local baker and the best I have tried.

That's all I can think of for now.

I used to go to Cantina Laredo, but learned recently that their chips are not made in a dedicated fryer and the corn tortillas are pressed or in come contact with the flour tortillas. There is not warning on the menu. Not worth the risk to me, but for someone else may be fine.

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Thank you so much!!! I'll be sending the list to my sister who is living in Arizona. She is not gluten-free and it will be great to know our options.

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