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Confused About Blood Work. Please Help.

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I'm brand new to this forum, but have struggled with food allergies and digestive problems for years. As much as I try to avoid gluten/wheat it is almost impossible as I am a pastry chef.

I've been to various doctors and naturopathic doctors, and have always received different answers. I have been told my issues with wheat are not a huge deal, to being told I am border line Celiac. Being border line Celiac sounds pretty serious to me. I've had blood work done (which I will post below) that has absolutely confused me. If there is anyone that can tell me in simple words what it means, it would be most appreciated. I'm trying to be hopeful I don't have it, but would really like to see what other people have to say.

I'm getting a biopsy in a few weeks, which should bring a more clearer answer I hope. But in the mean time I would most appreciate any input from anyone who has a moment to reply. I dont know what I would do if I do in fact have Celiac :(

Tissue transglutaminase IgA was 19. The standard range is <=19- units.


TISSUE TRANSGLUTAMINASE IgG was 4. Standard range is <=19- units.


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If you are trying to avoid gluten in your diet that will skew the test results although false negatives are not uncommon even on a full gluten diet. If you have been gluten light then go back to eating it until your biopsy is done. Once the biopsy is done then you need to try the diet strictly and see if it helps.

The bad news is that if you are celiac inhaling flour dust all day at work will keep the antibodies active. We have had people that are celiac and worked around flour and had to find a different job and we have had at least one person who took their baking talents into the gluten free world and opened a gluten free bakery. Since there are a lot of folks who need to be gluten free and more and more being diagnosed every day gluten free bakerys are something that we really need.

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