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Need New Pediatric Doc In Detroit Area

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Hi Everyone,

Dr. William Belknap has passed away and now we need to find another KNOWLEDGEABLE pediatric gastroenterologist in the Detroit area. Preferably in the Beaumont Hospital system, but I will switch primary care providers if I have to. My 16 yr old was just diagnosed a year ago and he saved her life, because she had strange neurological symptoms, not gastro symptoms. All other doctors just shook their heads and passed us along the chain of doctors. I don't know who to try, because I know Dr. Belknap worked closely with Dr. Green at Columbia and had all the latest info. Does anyone have any ideas?


Elizabeth Becker

Mom to Kiera, 16 yrs old

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I've inky lived in the area 5 yrs, so not very well versed in doctors here. But I have a GI I would highly recommend. He's not specifically a pediatric GI, but I bet he would have some great recommendations. He's also not in the Beaumont system. He's in the Providence system. His name is Dr. Mark Devore. Best wishes.

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