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Help With Candida Elimination

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I have read a lot about the connection between Candida and various health problems. I didn't really think it was an issues for me, but now I am wondering if some of my problems can be resolved by getting rid of it, along with a gluten free diet. I have some minor digestive symptoms, but bad fatigue/brain fog/neurological tingling and pain/hypoglycemia and blood sugar problems.

Anyways, I want to try using some supplements: I have heard good things about Candex and caprylic acid so I will try those. A couple question I have is:

Has anyone used Candida clear by Now Foods, and did it help?

Now Foods has a caprylic acid supplemnt with 600 mg of capylic acid per softgel , is this supplement different from straight up coconut oil? Like does it have a much higher concentration of caprylic acid? Don't want to be spending on money on a supplement that I can just get from food.

Am I spose to take the candida cleaning supplements in the same period as my probiotics? Like I know I should probably not take it at the same time, but would I need to take them on the same day (at different times)? Or would this just keep on killing the good bacteria?


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I use Candex and Candida Clear, as well as Grapefruit Seed Extract, Wormword, Garlic, and more. They work well.

Regarding taking these with probiotics, I would definetly take them several hours apart from each other so that they don't kill the probiotics. Some people take herbs like these (antiseptic herbs and candida killing enzymes) for 3-4 weeks, then probiotics for 1-2 weeks, then back to the herbs/enzymes for 3-4 weeks, etc. I have found it usually takes about one month of candida treatment for every year you had a candida overgrowth, with a maximum continuous treatment time of about 12 months. Then twice a year for a month each time, every year after that to keep candida from overgrowing in your joints, muscles, bones, etc.

I think a person with a gluten intolerance should really treat themselves for candida FIRST, for many, many months, so that it can be ruled out of the equation, before they get too hung up on other food sensitivities that might have, beside gluten. The intestines need to heal first, so the holes caused by the candida can close back up. Once that is achieved, many food sensitivities may go away.

Candida is something medical doctors do not understand. Most of them were taught that candida is just a female problem, or maybe thrush, when in fact candida can run rampant throughout the entire body, from head to toe. That is why you won

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Thanks for your response.

I am actually feeling more and more like I have a significant Candida problem. I know that eliminating gluten has definately helped my digestion, but am now wondering if Candida is at the root of my other food sensitivities and other symptoms.

I'm wondering if I should see a naturopath to get this figured out, or to try it on my own. My insurance will not cover it, and I do not want to spend lot of money with no results. I noticed that taking after taking caprylic acid, my skin becomes quite itchy, and some other symptoms suggestive of die off. Looking back, I now realize that I had symptoms of candida overgrowth for a while now, and I think a period of physical and mental stress really weakened my body.

I think the most difficult thing for me is to figure out where to start, there seems to be a lot of conflicting information on diet and antifungals, what the best plan of attack is.

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You can do a lot simply by eating lower carb, ie starve the yeast of its food source. The symptoms mimic so much. It could be a stomach acid issue (result of PPI or H2s reducing acid too much or someone having too much acid) or a bacterial overgrowth or a lack of digestive enzymes.

I am still not convinced yeast is a real GI issue although I am open to the possibility.

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