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  1. Hi, I just had some almond butter after eating just meat, vegetables, sweet potatoes, and rice during the past two weeks (been gluten free for two weeks, figured I'd eliminate all the other allergens as well). It seems that I am intolerant of almonds, just a few minute after eating it, I could feel an increase in brain fog and a pressure feeling on the right side of brain. I also get these symptoms after eating gluten and dairy products. I've always felt that I've had a strange reaction to almonds in the past, but this time it was definately more noticeable. Its Justin's almond butter and it says that there is no gluten in it on their website, that its processed on lines with peanuts and other tree nuts, but no mention of wheat. It seems so weird to me that I am having neurological reactions to food but now I am aware that its quite common. It seems weird that I would feel it so soon - according to the leaky gut explanation, shouldn't the food protein have to hit my small intestines, and then leak into the blood before my body has a reaction? I assume it would take more than a few minutes for this to occur. I also remember having EEG done on my brain, and they found abnormal brain waves in the area where I feel pressure whenever consuming gluten/casein...wonder whats going on there. The CAT scan was normal, though, which is good.
  2. Hi, I'm thinking about seeing a naturopath next week. She has good reviews and is a graduate of Bastyr University, but is quite expensive at $275 for the initial visit (1 hour long). I don't think my insurance plan covers naturopathic medicine (I have a student Blue Cross insurance plan). I have other concerns besides gluten for my symptoms that I want to talk to her about. I understand With no insurance coverage for this, all the testing and appointments are going to be expensive, I'm wondering if it will be worth it - especially since I've already spent so much money on traditional medical testing. I'm really hoping she has a lot of knowledge, beyond stuff that I can find from researching on the internet. Should I see her? Thanks
  3. superfob

    Naturopath Worth The Money?

    I was mainly interested in doing a candida/parasite cleanse to see if thats the source of my symptoms. If I see the naturopath, she could help me order the stool tests which would help me see if I do have that problem. And if that doesn't work out, maybe she could explore other options. On the other hand, I was thinking I could just order those herbal kits and try them on my own. Would save quite a bit of money on appointment and testing.
  4. Heres an interesting article which talks about how digestive problems early on in life can increase the risk of depression and anxiety. Its good to see more research showing how problems with the gut/other parts of the body influences the mind. There is so much emphasis on the effect of mind over body, but not enough the other way around.
  5. Hi, I have a lot of symptoms which I think might be attributed to candida/yeast overgrowth. I was wondering, will natural antifungals (caprylic acid, oregano oil, olive leaf, GSE, etc) get rid of candida symptoms outside of the digestive track? Symptoms such as tingling/pain in body, muscle weakness and soreness, itchy skin, hand tremors, brain fog, etc. Thanks
  6. Hi, I have read a lot about the connection between Candida and various health problems. I didn't really think it was an issues for me, but now I am wondering if some of my problems can be resolved by getting rid of it, along with a gluten free diet. I have some minor digestive symptoms, but bad fatigue/brain fog/neurological tingling and pain/hypoglycemia and blood sugar problems. Anyways, I want to try using some supplements: I have heard good things about Candex and caprylic acid so I will try those. A couple question I have is: Has anyone used Candida clear by Now Foods, and did it help? Now Foods has a caprylic acid supplemnt with 600 mg of capylic acid per softgel , is this supplement different from straight up coconut oil? Like does it have a much higher concentration of caprylic acid? Don't want to be spending on money on a supplement that I can just get from food. Am I spose to take the candida cleaning supplements in the same period as my probiotics? Like I know I should probably not take it at the same time, but would I need to take them on the same day (at different times)? Or would this just keep on killing the good bacteria? Thanks
  7. superfob

    Help With Candida Elimination

    Thanks for your response. I am actually feeling more and more like I have a significant Candida problem. I know that eliminating gluten has definately helped my digestion, but am now wondering if Candida is at the root of my other food sensitivities and other symptoms. I'm wondering if I should see a naturopath to get this figured out, or to try it on my own. My insurance will not cover it, and I do not want to spend lot of money with no results. I noticed that taking after taking caprylic acid, my skin becomes quite itchy, and some other symptoms suggestive of die off. Looking back, I now realize that I had symptoms of candida overgrowth for a while now, and I think a period of physical and mental stress really weakened my body. I think the most difficult thing for me is to figure out where to start, there seems to be a lot of conflicting information on diet and antifungals, what the best plan of attack is.
  8. hello, what kind of blood test did you take to determine the cross-reactive foods? I find myself reacting (mostly neurologically) to different foods, and do not know how to deal with it as I feel I like my body needs a lot of calories but I'm having a hard time due to all these food restrictions.
  9. superfob

    Methyl B12 Spray Makes Me Super Tired..

    Hello, Have you had your B 12 levels tested? Anyways, I have read that many people will experience a worsening of symptoms before it gets better, and it is a sign that you are deficient. However, I took Methyl B12 myself as well, and did not have a very good experience with it. I have switched over to a sublingual hydroxocobalamin, made by the company Perque. I am getting better results from this - anyways I think it is highly individual, some people will do better on methyl and some on hydroxo. Some actually recommend against taking methyl though I do not exactly understand the reason. And also, I think the tiredness maybe a sign that you are deficient, I certainly had this when I first started supplementing with active forms of B12
  10. superfob

    Rice Sensitivity

    hmmm, this is really interesting i was eating a lot of rice because I read how it was the least allergenic grains, but the last two days I stopped eating rice and noticed an increase in energy i just had some rice, and i felt a little tired and foggy very soon after eating it its definately not a blood sugar issue, so maybe i'm reacting to the protein i'm starting to notice all these food intolerances, now, can I expect them to stay, or maybe they will go away after I heal for a while?
  11. superfob

    Trouble Eating But Need To Eat

    Yes, small meals definitely helps. I think I'm going to try to get more liquid calories so I don't feel too full all the time. I believe I was tested for H. Pylori during my endoscopy and it was negative. I'm pretty much eating all whole foods right now, nothing processed except for odwalla juice drinks when I don't have time to prepare food. I do not have a grass allergy. Actually, these past two days I have not been eating rice - replaced all of its with sweet potatoes/yams and I don't really have that reflux feeling. So I guess I am having some trouble digesting rice right now. Regarding the heart rate - it primarily is pounding, not too much of an increase in speed. Hmm...I'm going to try eating less rice to see if that helps. Interesting thing....chicken soup makes me sleepy and brain foggy, but not in the same way as when I get a reaction to a food. Another things I'm looking to is B12 deficiency. I have a lot of the symptoms, and one of them is spose to be poor digestion or lack of appetite. So maybe I just need to replenish my stores. Thanks Shauna! You always respond so comprehensively to my posts =)
  12. Hi, Does anyone have a loss of appetite, trouble eating, but at the same time feel like they are starving? I feel like I need to eat a lot of food - and I get bad symptoms when I don't. However, its been extremely hard to eat large meals. I don't have much of an appetite and I get full really easily - like it feels like my stomach is full or digestion is sluggish so I can't eat a lot even though I'm still hungry. I try to force the food down but its difficult. Also, when I try to eat more food, my heart starts to beat hard, and stays that way for a while sometimes. It also feels like I have acid reflux, particularly when eating more carbs - but if I eat low carb I feel really bad and fatigued. I'm wondering if it is due to a vitamin deficiency? Maybe B12? As I have symptoms of B12 deficiency and MCV is at top of the normal range. Or something else? Anyways, I feel like my body needs a lot of nutrients but I just can't get myself to eat a lot of food without feeling really uncomfortable. I don't really get any gastrointestinal pain. I also thought it might be due to certain food intolerances? I noticed an increase in symptoms recently as I have been eating a lot of rice. Thanks
  13. Hi, Does anyone know of a good gluten free shampoo that is natural? Something my current shampoo is making me itch (Head and Shoulders), so I need something else (btw, I am a guy). And also, looking for something that is actually more natural vs. labeled natural with a bunch of chemicals. Thanks
  14. Just wondering, what do you guys usually do when you have bad brain fog/or when you use to have it, or with other health issues? I'm still trying to recover my mental function (think I might have been glutened recently, or have sensitivities I haven't worked out), but I feel like a zombie (or I'm drugged) all the time. I can't speak with others clearly, understand things I'm reading, can't exercise without feeling worse. I basically spend my days zoned out, preparing meals, reading up online about how I might improve my condition, watching TV shows, etc. Nothing is particularly enjoyable when my brain cannot process things. On another note, I'm feeling more out of it than usual this week. Can small amounts of CC lead to increasing brain fog without no major reaction? Or is it because I stopped taking my B12 a week ago? Or maybe because of other sensitivities? I've already eliminated a lot of things - basically just eating meat, veggies, rice, sweet potatoes now (and also a few supplements that should be gluten free). BTW, I have only been gluten free 4 weeks so I probably need more time. Thanks
  15. Sorry to hear about your gallbladder. I am not in the same boat, but I was previously noticing pale stools and pain which is located near my gallbladder after eating. I went online to search for a cause, and stumbled upon an article talking about the relationship between food intolerances and gallbladder pain: "Attacks of gallbladder pain are most frequently due to food allergy. It's likely you've not heard or read this before, but research published by Dr. James Breneman in 1968 reported that 100% of a group of 69 people had complete relief of gallbladder pain when they identified and eliminated food allergens, and had attacks of pain return when they reintroduced the offending foods. The most common ones were eggs (93%), pork (64%), onion (52%), chicken (35%), milk (25%), coffee (22%), oranges (19%), beans, nuts, and corn (15%) each, apple and tomato (9% each)." After reading this I realized that the most I felt abdominal discomfort (thinking it might be my gallbladder), was after I ate a meal with both pork and onions (i already dont eat eggs, milk, coffee, corn). But anyways, I eliminated those two foods and I don't notice any discomfort around that area anymore. Of course, my pain was mild, but maybe this will help you out.
  16. Just called them. They representative said all their products are gluten free.
  17. Has anyone taken Biotics Research Bio-d-Mulsion Forte? I have a bottle of this, and its spose to be a good vitamin D product, but I just wanted to make sure that its gluten free. The ingredients looks ok: water and gum arabic emulsifier base, and sesame oil. It does not say anything on the bottle about gluten or other allergens. I will try to call them tomorrow, but just wondering if anyone had experience with this. Thanks!
  18. Hmmm, I think the "x6" part was specifically referring to the duodenum. There are other parts in the report where they talk about taking biopsies for the ileum and colon. I guess the way I interpreted the report, was that my doctor took multiple samples during the procedure, but only sent off one to the lab. O, and my doctor does know that Celiac can only be tested with samples from the small intestine. The colonoscopy was just to rule out other causes of my stool changes. I'm just wondering why only one sample was sent to the lab, but I guess the only way to find out is to call his office/talk to him in person. Sorry for the confusion!
  19. Hi, I just got my pathology report in the mail. All my results came back negative with "No significant pathologic abnormality". I tested TTG negative and AGA IgA positive, so I was hoping for some inflammation or increased lymphocytes, or partial atrophy. I'm reading the description of my biopsies, and for duodenum it says "Received in formalin is a 0.3 x 0.2 x 0.2 cm fragment of tan tissue, submitted toto in 1 cassette C." It seems like they only read one biopsy??! From the report, they also read 1 fragment from my ileum, 2 fragments from my stomach (antrum), and "multiple fragments" from my colon. I'm so confused as why this is, because right after my procedure, when I got my report, it says "The examined duodenum was normal. Biopsies were taken with a cold forceps for evaluation of celiac disease x6" I assumed that this would mean 6 samples, but my pathology report is only saying one? I know I need to ask my doctor about this, but the appointment is over a month away, so looking for some help interpreting this. Thanks
  20. superfob

    Poor Pancreatic Function?

    I do still have my gallbladder - never had issues with it in the past. The pain does not seem to be influenced by what I'm doing - if anything it comes after I eat (but its usually pretty mild). I've had pain in my back previously, but I didnt really associate it with gallbladder/pancreas - cause I was getting pains randomly all over my body after starting to take methyl b12. No back pains really recently. I get these pale looking stools, but its not everyday. Its weird because I will have stools where half of it is pale and half is brown, kinda strange. Anyways, I will try experimenting with the enzymes, and hopefully the problem goes away, otherwise I'll pay a visit to the doctor.
  21. Hi, I've gone gluten free for 3 weeks now, and am starting to feel a different in terms of mood and energy (not significant, but its definately improving). I just had a thought today that I might be having problems with my pancreas. I've done all the celiac testing so far, everything was negative except my AGA IgA - so I guess I am gluten sensitive and not celiac. I've noticed that I sometimes get pain under my left ribs (a little below the chest) after eating - especially if its a fattier meal. I also experience weird gurgling sounds in my stomach, sometimes its a gurgle, sometimes it sounds like something is shooting out of a duct, or if lie down before fulling digesting my meal I get a lot of strange sounds. I see signs of malabsorption or incomplete digestion in my stools, and also react badly to high amounts of carbs - increased brain fog and fatigue - if I down a large amount of sugars I'll feel horrible, kinda like prediabetic? I've had several fasting glucose tests and they have been normal, including a 2hr after meal glucose test. I've read about a link between Celiac and pancreatic insufficiency, so I was wondering if that was causing me these problems (antibodies to the pancreas?). And also, can I expect to recover full function as I go gluten-free for longer and longer periods of time (I've actually eliminated a lot of other allergens as I am just eating meat, veggies, fruits, and rice)? I've read that I should take pancreatic enzymes, but I'm worried about possible side effects. Some people seems to experience pain when taking them, and I've also read that taking enzymes lowers your bodies ability to make them in the future. Thanks
  22. eatmeat4good and yolo, how did you find out you had an intolerance to SA? I'm guessing the only way I'll figure it out is if I try the low SA diet, but wow it seems soo limited. How long did it take for you on a low SA diet to feel better? I don't remember if I have ever taken aspirin or ibuprofen actually, I may have never taken them in fact. I don't feel like I have any reactions to fruits which are high in SA, but maybe I'm just not aware of it.
  23. Hi, I have been taking Jarrows sublingual methyl b12 over the past couple of months due to B12 deficiency symptoms and decreasing serum levels. I noticed an increase in nerve pain and muscle twitches in random places over my body - which I have read is a sign that I am deficient and the nerves are healing. The thing is, whenever I take a 5 mg tablet, my brain fog and ability to concentrate gets worse - and my mood goes from "out of it" to "very out of it". I don't like the feeling it is giving me, but I've also read that this is just a phase of healing and will eventually pass. I'm not sure if I should continue to take it, or taper down the dose to 1mg per day. When I first started using methyl b12, I noticed an improvement in sleep, but I feel like thats no longer there. I've also read that some people don't respond well to large amounts of the methylated b12, so maybe I should try hydroxocobalamin. I am already taking B complexes along with folate right now. Just wondering if anyone went through this and could give me some advice Thanks!
  24. Hmmm, you're right, it might be cross contamination I will try to contact Justin's and see if there is a chance of that, from their website it seems safe Do your products contain traces of other nuts? Our nut butters are manufactured on equipment shared with peanuts and tree nuts. In addition, our peanut butter cups are manufactured on equipment shared with peanuts, tree nuts, diary and soy. We take every step necessary to prevent cross-contamination between productions. Are your products gluten-free? All of our nut butters AND peanut butter cups are gluten-free! It does feel like how I feel when I eat gluten. I'm not quite sure how sensitive I am going to be, as its my first two weeks going gluten free - but it definately seems like I am getting more sensitive as I eliminate it from my body. I didnt usually have any non-neuro immediate reactions to gluten prior to going gluten free, just a feeling of increased brain fog/confusion/feeling the opiate effects of gluten. Those studies you mentioned do sound very interesting. I definately feel different in my brain way before the food reaches my small intestines - and I don't have Celiac, at least by current standards. Good thing is at least, I can now gauge my own reactions to food. I've always felt that food had an effect on my energy and mood from a young age - I just didnt know what it was. I actually ate a lot of bread when I was young and remember loving it, kinda makes sense to me now that I can feel its effects (makes me feel somewhat more better after eating it). I wish they would come out with that TTG-6 antibody soon - the one that targets the nervous system. Maybe it'll help diagnose a lot more people with neuro problems.