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I'm a guy who is 58 yrs. old, a self-taught nutritionist for 30 years now, and I like helping people. I have tried just about every diet and every fast known to man.

I was a strict vegetarian for 15 years, then added chicken and fish for 10 years, and now eat Man's natural diet of foods, known as the paleolithic diet.

I started on my own "mucus elimination diet" in the spring on 2009, not knowing I had a gluten intolerance. The diet basically cut out mucus forming foods. I knew I had a lot of buildup in my joints, organs, ribs, etc. and had limited motion in my joints. I was able to eliminate a lot of buildup while still eating some gluten, but I resorted to a drug called Mucus Relief plus Sinus to help speed up the elimination process, while also using natural mucus eliminators like Fenugreek, asparagus, cayenne pepper, Betaine HCL, etc. I lost about 10-15 pounds of mucus over a 9 month period. Then I discovered I was gluten intolerant in Jan. 2010. I changed to paleolithic diet in Feb. 2010.

I'm feeling better now than I have for over 20 years. All of my joints have become flexible again, and I can easily touch my toes, etc. My lower back is more flexible that it was when I was a kid. I was developing a bit of a limp in my walk, but I'm walking normal again.

I still treat myself for systemic candida, because I know I still have some "candida-filled masses of mucus" in my body. I do this by taking antiseptic and anthelmintic herbs, as well as probiotics, and Sonne's #7, fiber, oils, including coconut oil and flax oil. (Candida can't live in oil.) Since blood vessels that carry the antiseptic herbs do not go through masses of mucus, it is hard to kill the candida that lives in these masses. So I found that I need to keep melting away the mucus and continue to take antiseptic herbs to keep killing the candida that is living in these masses.

When I stretch, which I do a lot because it feels so good now, it sometimes feels as if candida roots (rhizoids) are breaking. Maybe it is just the heavy gluey mucus breaking free from my vertebrae, ribs, pancreas, intestines, celiac ganglion, etc. My ribcage now expands normally again when I breathe in. Before it was like I had duct tape wrapped around my ribs and it was a effot to breathe in. I can tell I still have a mass around my celiac ganglion that is melting away, little by little, as well as more in my head, mostly the left side.

I am so glad I finally found out that gluten (mainly) is what has plagued my health for my entire life, despite my extreme healthy eating habits and the thousands hours I spent studying health and diet over the past 30 years. I never suspected Celiac because I always thought is was very rare.

I now feel like I will "live-on" for at least another 20-50 years, instead of feeling like I might be dead next year. It's amazing how that feeling alone has changed my daily attitude. I feel like I'm 20 or 30 years old again.

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