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Can Natural Antifungal Get Rid Of Candida Affecting Whole Body?

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I have a lot of symptoms which I think might be attributed to candida/yeast overgrowth. I was wondering, will natural antifungals (caprylic acid, oregano oil, olive leaf, GSE, etc) get rid of candida symptoms outside of the digestive track? Symptoms such as tingling/pain in body, muscle weakness and soreness, itchy skin, hand tremors, brain fog, etc.


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On their own, probably not. You will want to also do an antifungal diet--cutting out all carbs and forms of sugar, etc to be most effective. If you search for antifungal diet a lot of different ones will come up--opinions vary on how strict you need ot be and what foods you need to cut. They also reccomend you use one natural antifungal at a time and rotate it out for a new one every few months. Supposedly the candida gets used to whichever type you are using and starts to become resisitant. When I first did my "elimination diet" I thought my problem might be candida-related but when I added some starches and sugar back in without any problem I realized wheat was my primary issue and that lead me to information about celiac. I have to be honest, after my own journey to better helath, I'm not sure I really believe in candida being a huge problem for much of the population. I'm not saying it doesn't exist but I think many people on anti-candida diets really have celiac/gluten intolerance or other food intolerances that drs just don't know how to test for yet. I do hope you find the answer for you.

PS: I had all of the symptoms you are listing and for me they went away after about 6 months on a strict gluten-free, soy free and dairy free diet. I still get the hand tremors/brain fog when I get a bad accidental glutening so I'm fairly sure it is related to gluten in my case.

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