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Inflamatory Markers In Blood Tests - Esr?

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For the past three years I have had repeated out of range high inflamatory markers in my blood tests. I think it was called the ESR...? Dr usually asks if I have a virus or infection etc. (and again most recently)

I was just wondering if undiagnosed (full gluten) celiac's would have this, or if it would be realted in any real, likely sort of way.

Thanks very much.

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Since celiac can cause an inflammatory response in the body having high results on those tests wouldn't IMHO be unusual. Your blood work should look better once you have been strictly gluten free for a bit.

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There are innumerable things, unfortunately, that can cause inflammation in the body. And neither the ESR nor the CRP is really specific for any of them. Rheumatologists use the tests as a marker for the level of inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis for instance. My ESR and CRPwere both through the roof for years and I could not tell if it was the RA or my gut, or something else. Maybe all three :(


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