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Romans Pizza In Knoxville

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their menu looks great - even has some bread (gluten-free) and pasta! thing is: haven't been able to try it. it says to call ahead - as i understand the owner has to be there to make it. the first time i called the owner wasn't there, so ok. now they are saying they are out of the flour, so to check back. i said, "like tomorrow?" and they told me no, next week. oh, to have my hopes so high as i haven't had decent pizza in for ever..... anyway, if you google 'gluten free restaurant knoxville' theirs is right at the top of the list. sad face :( sad face :( i even asked about the pasta or anything at all gluten free and was told no, not right now...

anyone ?

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This is what I found...

User review: "Have special gluten-free Sundays 1-2 times a month with all types of Italian food and special gluten-free desserts. Really, really good. Need to call ahead on those days. Get on their email list or call to get dates."

In addition, they have gone through the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness GREAT kitchens training program (Gluten-free Resource Education and Awareness Training).

Hope that additional info helps somewhat.

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