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Maggianos Will Get My Return Business

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Went to a seminar for work today at Maggianos. They typically have a few choices served family style on the table for everyone to share. I informed the restuarant a day ahead that I was attending the seminar and had a gluten problem. When I arrived, I informed one of the servers that I was the one with the gluten problem and she was very polite and informed me that the chef would be out momentarily. My lunch was perfect - tomato and basil salad to start, grilled chicken with cherry tomatoes and grilled asparagus for entree, and mixed berries for dessert. It was hard not to drool over all the other things on the table, but my lunch was healthy and delicious and they made me feel great. The chef offered me gluten free pasta, but I opted for the healthier choice. Now back at the office and I don't feel like taking a nap. Lovely experience and I will definitely go there again. Just wanted to share with the group! Happy Wednesday everyone!

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Been to the one in Bridgewater, NJ.

Had a similar situation. The chef came out and explained he enjoyed cooking gluten free since it broke up th monotony (sp) of cooking the same meals all the time.

They had Red Bridge as well!!!

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