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Nodule In The Esophagus

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I had my endoscopy done yesterday. They did not find any celiac damage, but took 5 biopsy samples. They found a nodule in my esophagus and also a hiatal hernia. They took 2 biobsy samples of the nodule as well. Anyone have experience with a nodule? Can celiac cause nodules?


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Sorry, I'm not entirely sure what you mean by a nodule.

My husband has a severe Dairy allergy. He has had Eosenophilic Esophagitis (white blood cell response to food allergens), which caused strictures (rings in his throat that are very solid, smaller than the rest of his throat, and don't let solid food pass easily), GERD, and a hiatal hernia.

Prior to knowing he has a dairy allergy, he had 3 surgeries to stretch his throat because he couldn't eat, was on a liquid only diet, and was down to 115 lbs.

Since we discovered his allergy and removed dairy from his diet, he hasn't needed surgery, and hopefully never will again. He has an inhaler that he swallows instead of inhaling if he eats something processed with too much dairy, and he carries an epi pen, because he gets mild-to-moderate anaphylaxis from too much dairy.

It is my understanding that everyone suffers differently, and if milk can do these things to my husband, it is entirely possible that gluten or something else can do it to you. Are you experiencing any other pain within the next 2 days of eating gluten? or are these your only symptoms?

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