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Could This Be Celiac? Urgent!

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28, male. I only have a lot of trapped gas that started in my lower abdomen's small intestines 3 years ago. Just a lot of bloating. Nothing else. There was NO PAIN ever and my stools were fine. About 1.5 years ago one night suddenly a lot of the gas went into my stomach, it bloated out physically to almost 2x normal size in a few hours and is very painful because its pushing up intoo my lungs and diphram. I can't visit the GI docs cause no insurance. It's stayed this way and now there is always a lot of pain in stomach, I can see my abdominal musscles all the time cause its so bloated.

Not much gas comes out ever from the rectalend, not more or less than usually did. And There's no direhea or constipation and they say the IBS almost always has both constpation and dirhea. The hospital says my cat scan and x rays show no distension which is unbelivable. Im guessing its because they just dont have my normal body's x rays to compare it to.

But they have RULED OUT the following:

kidney stones, ascites, h pyloric bacteria, candidaisis, bad liver, bad pancreas, bad gall bladder, heartburn. They also tested my blood for cancer and found nothing.

Could this be celiac?

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You should ask your Dr to run a celiac panel. Your symptoms could be from gluten. Most Dr.s just don't think to test for it unless you have diarhea, unexplained weight loss, and anemaia. There are actually about 300 different symptoms.

Good luck! I hope you get some answers.

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