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Any Dr Experienced In Celiac Dh In The Uk?

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I'm undergoing investigation for celiac (althoug Dr is reluctant) and wont even entertain the possibility that it could be DH. I have posted pictures in the DH section and would be greatful if any Dr could have a look at them? I was diagnosed with behcets at 16 and put on dapsone. Since being off dapsone for 2 years I have had symptoms that seem more celiac orientated than Behcets. I have suffered with abdominal pain all my life, extra gassy, tiredness, fatigue, irritability, mood swings, depression and a struggle to manage weight, nausea and anemia - severe in pregnancy. In the last couple of months and on the odd occasion I forgot to take dapsone I would break out in a rash - it does seem to appear after eating certain foods, this rash used to just be lower legs but now is buttocks and occasionally knees and elbows, slightly different facial rash - more purple in colour and painfull too. Please, if anyone can help I'd be greatful as I keep hitting a dead end with my Dr. He ordered one blood test which he says is negative but won't give me the official levels and has put me through a colonoscopy - which was clear and cheaper than an endoscopy! I am set to see a dermatologist in 3 weeks and a gastro intestinal consultant in october although my Dr assured me they would unlikely do an endoscopy.

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