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Saw The Gi Doctor Last Week

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He did not ask me any questions about celiac symptoms or my gas or bloating. Did notice that I lost 10 pounds the last 6 months, and no, I was not trying.

So we have an upper endoscope next month. To see why I am losing weight. No mention of biopsy for celiac.

My general practitioner put me on Vitamin D, because see noted it was low. I think I will ask her to do a complete set of food and other allergy testing.

It may be time to redirect my GI doctor (if possible). He suggested testing for Celiac, The one test he did was negative, but the DNA was positive. Lets look at the other test for celiac, and not my weight loss.

I just want to get through a day without bloating, gas, and being short winded.

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Your doctor works for you. Tell him you want at least 6 biopsies done.

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