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Gluten Sensitive With Other Allergies Appearing?

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I haven't yet been tested for celiac and am very nervous of having a biopsy because of something that happened to my Grandma a number of years ago. My question really is to try and pin down the likely hood of my having celiac disease versus Gluten sensitivity.

I recently had a birthday party and over the course of four days around that time ate a lot of gluten. I had given up coffee thinking it was that giving me migraines, but after these four days of gluten fest I had a massive migraine with stomach upset. My body didn't stop until all the gluten was out! That day I decided to kick gluten. That was about six weeks ago. Since then I have become aware that the itchies and wind/stomach issues/pain I had over the last five years were not going, even though the bloat and headaches were mostly gone. Having read a lot on here I decided to eliminate nightshades, garlic and eggs. The itching seems to have subsided (touch wood!). So my question is, having had a simple IgA test and it coming back negative and my doctor agreeing that gluten probably isn't good for me, and referring me for RAST tests and dietician help, is it likely, with these other reactions, that I do indeed have Celiac disease.

Has anyone here who has a gluten sensitivity, definitely without celiac, experienced other allergies popping up after cutting gluten out of their diet?

Let me know!!!

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