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Is It Celiac?

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Hey All,

I wonder if I could have Celiac after all of these years. I am a 25-year old female who used to be much more athletic and have more energy. I was diagnosed with IBS three years ago and have had digestive problems ever since. Then, a year later, I mysteriously developed sinusitis and had a very invasive surgery for it. I am still having sinus problems. Every day for two years now, I am itchy all over my body (usually more at night). I get hives and a rash on the side of my face and sometimes my back. I have joint and muscle pain, and I am tired nearly 100% of the time. I have zero energy. A year ago, I also developed heart palpitations, went to a specialist, and he said that my heart is perfectly healthy so it could be stress-related.

I'm at wits end. I'm 25 years old, have no energy, itchy/with rashes all the time, and I toss and turn at night because my joints won't stop cracking. I've had every blood test imaginable, everything perfect EXCEPT I am always anemic unexplainably. Even when I consume iron.

Most of my diet consists of bread-related products. Do you think it could be celiac or my entire body is just falling apart at the age of 25? Anyone who could help, thanks. It is really appreciated.

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Do not stop eating gluten until you have had a Celiac panel drawn and the follow up endoscopy with biopsy. Testing is notorious for missing the diagnoses. (There is genetic testing to see if you have the "known" Celiac genes. Stll not very reliable and not always fully covered by insurance. A false negative might cause you issues with ever getting diagnosed. IMO. If you are diagnosed or done with the testing then start the gluten free diet.

Celiac has a related disease called pernicious anemia. Get tested for that too. (Or at least find out what your vitamin B12 level is at ~By that, I mean actually get a hard copy of the results and see what number you're at in comparison to the HUGE range.)

Try contacting your local Celiac support group for a local doctor. (unfortunately most docs are not up to snuff about Celiac and related disorders)

At 25 you shouldn't be falling apart. Please get your thyroid checked for TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) and auto-immune antibodies.

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