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Doctors In Connecticut

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Couple days back I asked about doctors in Hartford at the Connecticut Children's Medical Center, specifically Dr Jeffrey Hyams. So far we like him very much but we are new to this game and my daughter's diagnosis is not a simple one.

Let's broaden it a little to Hartford, NW CT (Litchfield County) and SW CT (Fairfield County). My 15 year old daughter's diagnosis is celiac and ibd.


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Honestly, in CT the Children's Medical Center is probably the best place to go. Everyone that I know who has been there for any major problem has been very very pleased with the dr's and the facility. While a completely different condition, my cousin has legg-perthes(a form of osteonecrosis only found in children) and saw specialists there including his major surgery. They were the only one's in the entire state who would touch his case. They were wonderful. I mention his case because specialized hospitals like children's hospitals, tend to attract the best dr's in the field. The ones who are most versed in current practices. They also have the varied staff to allow a multidisciplinary approach if needed. They have access to other specialists should your child need extra support. Like psychologist, child life specialists,and nutritionists as it can be very difficult to be different during the teen years. To my knowledge it is also the only children's hospital in the state.

If you can go out of state there are some really well known children's hospitals in Mass. The Hasbro Children's Hospital is very well known.

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