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Antibody Effect

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I'm new here. I had a positive stool sample test, IgA was over 200 and TTg was 300 (normal range for both was 0 to 100). My homeopath told me I was welcome to go for a biopsy, but I was definitely having an immune response to gluten, would the biopsy result make a difference? I agreed, I don't believe one should harbour inflammation, so I went gluten-free.

Felt great for about 6 weeks, then all the symptoms returned (I never had any gut problems, but migraines, hair loss, itching skin).

Now I'm curious about the blood test vs the stool sample test. Has anyone had a negative blood test but positive stool sample? I ask this because I'm thinking of going for the blood test occassionally just to ensure I am really gluten-free.

What would it mean if your blood test/stool sample came back positive but the endoscopy was normal?

Does anyone know if this celiac problem could be more of a "spectrum" disorder than a definite yes or definite no?

Is there any form of this where people are advised to avoid gluten where possible rather than cutting it out completely?

Sorry to bombard you all with questions. It's such a minefield!

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First of all, welcome to the forum. There's a lot of knowledgeable people here so check back frequently. It's my go to place when I need info or insight.

Yes, I blood tested negative and biopsy was fine, so I was told no Celiac - but 6 months later I had the alternate stool test and there were definitely antibodies present, which means my body sees gluten as an invader. Unless you are vigilant about removing gluten from your diet, your autoimmune system will continue to fight it, causing unhealthy inflammation within, until your system starts attacking the good with the bad and wreaking havoc on anything and everything from your brain to the joints in your toes. I'm considered gluten intolerant but whatever you call it, you have to be strict about keeping gluten out of your system if you produce antibodies.

I had to remove all dairy and soy as well to feel good. It's not as hard as you may think and the outcome was like night and day.

Hope that helps!

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