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Is It Celiac Or Something Else?

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I have recently been having Celiac-like symptoms - nausea, vomiting, upset stomach/ache, headaches, muscle aches, foggy head, etc... I searched all over the internet to see what might be wrong. I came up with the possibility of Lupus, Lyme disease, Candida and Celiac disease. As I read through the threads I didn't find any one person that lined up with my symptoms, there was usually something that they were experiencing that I didn't. I even noticed several threads that reference the other diseases as possibilities, as all these ailments have similar symptoms and each person is affected differently.

The one thing I didn't see is what it turns out (I'm pretty sure) is affecting me. Withdrawals. It suddenly hit me that in both cases where I had serious episodes I had stopped taking the sleeping pills I was using! I had been taking Diphenhydramine HCL and/or something very similar (sorry, don't have the package any longer, both over the counter) pretty mild stuff and I couldn't find much on the internet regarding withdrawals. I had been taking anywhere from 50-200 mg at night for the better part of 5 months. I talked to my friend - he's a P.A. (Physicians assistant) and very experienced and he said what I was experiencing could absolutely be withdrawal symptoms.

I just wanted to add this to the conversation in case anyone else needs to look at this as a possible cause of their illness. I took one pill last night as I've decided to ween myself off the stuff slowly and I feel good for the first time in over a week. If it turns out this isn't it I'll add to this thread, if you don't hear from me again then you can assume this was it.

Best of luck.

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If you have celiac type symptoms then it would be a good idea to get a celiac panel done. Don't go gluten free until you are tested. It wouldn't hurt to tell your doctor what is going on so he can evaluate you.

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