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Very Up And Down Day...

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I've had a CRAZY day! I started off with a lovely visit to the OBGYN (follow-up) and she commented on the 'breakout' on my face (which I believe to be DH) and I then launched in on the whole story about the GI who didn't bother to do the biopsy because he didn't 'see' any damage and the Dermatologist who took the biopsy a good 6" from the suspected DH. She had also seen first-hand (and up-close and personal) the HORRIBLE hemmrroids (at the time she even said they were about the worst she'd ever seen) and I told her they were nearly healed along with a large degree of resolution to many symptoms after going gluten free. And that no one would order any nutrient profiles for me because 'they have no diagnosis' on which to base the orders. As an OBGYN, she wasn't sure exactly what to order for getting me the nutritional profile, but did suggest a referral to a dietition as a place to start and she'd see what they thought about any other needed bloodwork. She's the first one who's taken me seriously and really seemed to want to do everything she could to help. :)

Then it was off to work (as a server at Olive Garden). I was having a great day already at that point, feeling very good about where my health was headed. Someone was a no-call, no-show, so I jumped in and helped out with getting her work caught up (I had to do this yesterday afternoon also), but I didn't mind at all. Then another server mentioned to me something about someone at one of her tables ordering off the gluten-free menu, so I asked the server who it was and went over to talk to the guest. This woman is diagnosed Celiac w/ DH, though from a town about 3 1/2 hours from here. Still, I picked her brain a bit, found out about a support group in her town, and got the name of someone who's supposedly a GREAT Celiac doctor in a town only about 1 1/2 hours away.

Finished that conversation to walk to the kitchen just as about a dozen pizzas arrived with the manager saying that 'since everyone had done such a good job today' he bought pizza for everyone to show his appreciation. Not saying that others had not done a good job, but I was the ONLY one who was doing the other jobs yesterday afternoon and this morning. I received NO thank you WHATSOEVER for doing tasks that the people who's jobs they are make around $8-9/hr while I was doing it for $2.13! And then the 'appreciation' was something that I couldn't even have! Not that I was tempted by the pizza in any way, but it just made me feel COMPLETELY unappreciated. I went to the bathroom and cryed, called my husband, and then attempted to put a smile back on my face to finish off my shift. :( That all RUINED my day; my blood pressure spiked and now I've had a headache since. Overall, I honestly do not focus on what I cannot have, but that today just really hit a raw nerve...

Thank you for listening to me vent!


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It looks to me like you took two steps forward and one step back--that's a whole step forward! Seriously, I totally understand about the pizza at work. The rest of the world does NOT understand that one size does not fit all. The first five years after being diagnosed with celiac, I felt bitter every time my boss ordered in pizza for everyone. However, you have to understand that that's "normal" for 99% of the U.S. Supposedly, we only represent 1% of the population. Of course, probably somewhere between 30% and 80% of the U.S. population is intolerant of gluten, but I think it would take a LOT to convince them not to eat pizza. Over time, you'll see that it becomes easier. You'll forget what "real" pizza tastes like, and you'll not have any desire to eat it....and you'll accept that it's not a reflection on you that pizza was served even though you can't eat it. Your health is more important than feeling rewarded with something that is not good for anyone to eat. Believe me--it gets easier...lots easier.

I'm so glad that you're putting the pieces of the puzzle together and that you're not giving up easily in order to get to the bottom of what is ailing you. A strong person like you will be okay...

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