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Follow Up Doc Appt Tomorrow...what Should I Ask About?

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I have been seeing my primary care doc for about 4-5mo now for symptoms of bloating and distention (that gets worse as the day goes on and resolves overnight), frequent headaches, monthly canker sores, fatigue, leg cramps (always my thighs especially at the hip joint), and daily heartburn. I'm also now noticing a daily sniffly nose (not congested and not running so much that I need constant tissues, but runny enough that I feel like I have the sniffles), hazy/buzzed feeling after some meals, and in reading threads here was just reminded that as a child my dentist diagnosed me with geographic tongue.

Back in Oct (before many of these symptoms became regular) my thyroid tested fine and my CBC and chem panel were normal (including my hct, vit D, etc). Since we've been pursuing the cause(s) more aggressively I've had a liver panel, CA 125, and ttg IGA and total IGA which have all been normal. I have had an upper GI with barium swallow, a pelvic ultrasound, and an abdominal CT. Again, all normal (no GERD/reflux, no hernia, no tumors/cysts, etc). I did a very short trial elim diet and I believe that being gluten free was helping but I added everything back in to do further testing if needed.

I have a follow up appointment tomorrow and I plan to request a full celiac panel. Should I ask for another CBC and Chem panel to see if any changes to hct, vitamin/minerals, etc (these were all normal back in Oct)? What about genetic testing? Should I ask for a referral to a GI or someone else or stick with my GP for now?

I know that I could just elim gluten and go with how I feel but a)I'm someone who likes to have definite answers and b)I have 2 small children and so knowing if I am celiac is important to me in understanding their potential health issues.

I appreciate your suggestions.

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