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HI! I'm new to this forum and new to Celiacs , as well. My main symptoms before going gluten free were stomach pain and irritation and hives. I had horrible, welt like hives on my body (once, they came immediately after a pasta dinner ). Since I've eliminated gluten, I have not experienced any hives or stomach irritation.

Oddly enough, my bloodwork was negative for Celiacs. My Dr suggest a few more weeks gluten free and then lower endoscopy.

If eating gluten free has helped, why would it not be showing in my blood work? Has anyone else experienced anything similar?


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If you eliminated gluten from your diet before you got the blood work done, that's why it showed up negative. A celiac should be instructed by the doctor to continue eating gluten while the tests are being done so that the diagnosis can be accurate. However, even if you didn't have celiac disease, if eating gluten free makes you feel better, you should always stick with it.

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