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Have I Got Ceoliac?

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This morning I had a gastroscopy with biopsies as my GP wants to test me for ceoliac. The blood tests always come back negative but I do have all the other symptoms. I've been told for years that I have IBS but last year was diagnosed with pernicuous anaemia and now have quarterly Vit B12 injections. For the last 3 years I've had ongoing iron deficiency anaemia too. I asked my GP what was causing both these deficiencies as it seemed to me that there must be something causing them.

I have been fobbed off by being told that it's caused by my periods but I wasn't prepared to accept this. For the last 2-3 years I have become increasingly tired., with no energy and shortness of breath. I've also had periodic chest pains. It was the chest pains that made my GP send me for the gastroscopy.

I will get my results in 2 weeks. The initial results say gastritis but not sure what that means.

My question is, from all of this, is it likely that I have ceoliac? And if this is treated, will this improve my absorption of iron and hoepfully my tiredness as this is really getting me down.


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Welcome to the board!

If all the testing is negative, you may have non-celiac gluten intolerance. It's much more common than celiac and very few doctors recognize or diagnose it. Gluten causes an inflammatory reaction in your intestines, and the inflammation interferes with absorption and makes you feel tired. Some people who are gluten intolerant eventually develop celiac disease. You can get symptoms very similar to celiac from gluten intolerance, including malabsorption.

Gastritis on the endoscopy means your doctor saw visible stomach inflammation. It could be an inflammatory reaction from gluten. I used to be diagnosed with gastritis. Stupid doctors told me to avoid coffee and never said a word about gluten and dairy. :(

Since you've had your blood tests and biopsies, try going off gluten for a few months. You should start to feel better if gluten intolerance is the issue. Also keep an eye on dairy if you don't initially feel better off gluten. Many people who don't tolerate gluten also don't tolerate dairy very well, at least until most of the intestinal inflammation goes away.

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