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Hey everyone, I am a 22 year old male. I love playing hockey and rugby and compete in bodybuilding, however over the last few months I haven't had the energy or the drive to get myself to the gym after work. I have been eating alot more grains the last six months as well. I could very easily sleep all day long if I had the option, but have trouble sleeping at night. For the past six months I have been very run down and not feeling like myself. Some of my symptoms include:

Abdominal crAmping and bloating (I have been told I look like I'm pregnant, especially after eating foods like pizza and other gluten rich foods)

Occasional diarrhea, stool usually isn't regular and sometimes floats

IBS especially spicy foods




Chest discomfort

Terrible alcohol hangovers (last 2-3 days)

Alcohol intolerance (feel drunk after 2-3 drinks)

Red face a lot of the time

Food hangovers

My foot feels very warm at random times for no apparent reason


The last week or so I have gone gluten free. I even went drinking and only drank potato vodka (usually drink wheat vodka) and my hangover wasn't nearly as bad as usual. Within two days my anxiety during the day was much better. I was still very fatigued but less than normal.Then I glutened myself and I had a kind of dry burning sensation in my eyes, I had a hangover the following day without alcohol consumption, anxiety was back, more fatigue than the last few days.

My grandmother was recently diagnosed so I'm going to get tested anyway.

I have an order for a blood test, with liver enzymes, iga, celiac screening etc but can't go till the weekend due to work. Either way I'm going to follow up with a biopsy I think even if the blood work is negative. Just sucks that I have to keep eating this way until tests are done :(

Just kind of curious if you guys have the same kind of symptoms, especially the food hangovers?

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Yes, I get a "hangover" when I'm glutened. I wake up and I'm so foggy and fatigued I don't want to get out of bed.

I find it amusing that you consider feeling drunk after 2-3 drinks to be "intolerance." I consider feeling drunk after 2-3 drinks totally normal. :lol:

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