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What I find worse are the people who encourage others to not get tested while they are still eating gluten and just to give up gluten and see if it helps. I find this to be poor advice because you have to be eating gluten to have valid test results. While having a dx or not is not vital in the sense that you don't need a rx in order to buy gluten-free products. But depending on your life it can be important.

This is *Exactly* what I was I was talking about!! I'm on another forum for mothers with multiples and there is a woman there whose child has ongoing problems for years and years, iron deficiency , severe chronic constipation, weight loss, shocking behavioural problems and a whole host of other problems etc etc. I told her to get him tested for Celiac , this other woman who has self diagnosed celiac in herself, all of her children and her husband (not tests at all) told her just to put them gluten free. I basically said - just get the bloods now, otherwise its only going to make it harder if she does want a diag. Anyhow - this other woman doesn't even know what Celiac is - which is why it drove me insane in the first place, she calls it an allergy! Arrgghh

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Add to that the symptoms my daughter was going through with Eosinophilic Esophagitus were EXACTLY like a Celiac being glutened. (I was going crazy trying to find hidden gluten.)

Get testing done before going gluten free if you can! Demand earlier appointments so you can stop eating gluten sooner. A gluten challenge after a gluten free diet becomes dangerous when you have a full immune response instead of a daily gluten battered response.

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