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Newbie Wih Some Food Intolerance Questions

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I have been working with a Naturopath doctor and keeping a food journal to try and figure out some of my food intolerances. My main symptom is nausea. Other symptoms are burping, constipation and low blood sugar.

With my naturopath doctor through a IgA saliva test we discovered I am intolerant to soy and through a IgG blood spot test I am intolerant to cows milk, cottage cheese and eggs.

I have been keeping a food journal now for almost 2 weeks and am seeing my stomach possibly reacts to gluten and/or corn. But some days when I consume gluten and corn I feel great and then the next day - not. So does sound like it could be an intolerance or do intolerance symptoms happen after EVERY time you consume the food?

I have been pondering further testing through Enterolab - do they test IgA or IgG reactions or something completely different?

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In my personal experience I did not know I was reacting to gluten until I removed it from my diet for a couple I months, and then began eating it again, at which point I really reacted to it. I'm not sure if that's the case -I am only a few months gluten free - but that's how it was for me.

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Enterolab, I believe, test only IgA gluten antibodies. They also test for sensitivity to dairy, soy, corn, and perform genetic testing for celiac/gluten intolerance genes.

As for your other question, my reactions used to vary to gluten. In fact, for me pizza was comfort food. Corn gave me worse problems, so I really wasn't sure if my problem was gluten or corn. Turns out it was both, plus others. My corn reaction is almost identical to gluten but doesn't last as long.


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