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Opinions Please: What Do You Think Of This Doctor?

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The owner of a local health food store recently told me about this doctor who is in my area. She is a naturopath who had her training mainly in France. She is not licensed as an ND in the US.

I have been looking at her website and I am intrigued. She has a lot of information on her website, including this article on Celiac/gluten intolerance.

Can you guys please review what she is saying and tell me: do you think she'd be a good person to go and see? I am looking for someone to help me manage my apparent gluten intolerance, my Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (I'll still see an MD for thyroid meds, though), and other things. Should I be concerned that she is not licensed in the US or in California?


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Except for the fact that her description of current celiac testing is outdated, the rest of her information seems on the up-and-up. She has very pertinent knowledge of the basis of gluten sensitivity and how to alleviate the condition. I would definitely consult with this particular doctor if she practiced close enough to my locale. I live in California but not close enough to consult with her. I think you might be able to trust this doctor.

BTW, I learned a thing or two from her site. I didn't know that teff might contain gluten--this explains why I and my fellow attendees at a celiac conference in Seattle a few years back broke out in Dermatitis Herpetiformis after teff wraps were served to us at lunchtime. However, I just did some quick research, and, apparently, I'm hearing that teff is considered gluten free. Hmmmmm....perhaps it's actually a gray area? All I know is that I don't intend to eat teff ever again.

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