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Burger King Fries

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My husband decided since we had some BK coupons which included a free smoothie that we'd stop on our way out of the house. I thought I'd ask if their fries are done in a separate fryer and they are so I got excited and ordered some. While I was waiting for our order I watched someone pick up the fry scooper and use it in the onion rings, then for fries. I promptly asked that my money be refunded, and they offered to get me fresh ones using the "other" scoop they use for people with allergies. I was like uh.... no. I don't think they understand CC very well at all, once they put that scoop back in the fries everything in there and the bin is contaminated and could make people sick. Oh well, at least I still have Wendy's. I know eating out is a risk anyway but I doubt there is such a thing as safe fries at any BK if they're using a shared scooper.

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