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Steve Moore

Would Love Thoughts From celiac disease Folks

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Over the past 5 - 10 years I have had the following symptoms:

-Constant gas


-Joint Pain

-Back/Neck Pain

-Anxiety/Depression (mild but I take a low dose med)

-Floaty stools

-Whenever I have BM's, it requires a great deal of wiping

-Fatigue, constant

-Forgetfulness/cloudy thinking

-I weigh 250 and should probably weigh less than 200

My doctor and I tried lots of things. I turned 40 this year and was sick of feeling bad all the time. So I googled all the symptoms together and found all the info on celiac disease and gluten intolerance. I mentioned this to my doctor and she said that understanding of celiac disease widely is newer in the medical world. She said that she "knew I didn't have celiacs because I look very healthy." But she said I could be intolerant. So I went off all gluten. I am a huge beer geek and love Belgian and German beer so this was a commitment for me.

Within three days, I felt better than I had in years and years. Almost all the symptoms vanished or were dramatically lessened.

Here is my question, is it possible that I do have celiac disease. I am thinking that I'll just keep a gluten and lactose free diet and not get tested. Thoughts? I understand that if I were tested now, its very possible the results would be negative since I've been gluten free for a month.

Thank You!

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Yes, it is quite possible you have Celiac Disease. As possible as NCGI.

There's not a doctor alive that can detect Celiac visually.

Get a new one.

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The awareness is not there because there are still doctors like yours who think they can diagnose a celiac by looking at them :o:blink:

Yes, gluten free for a month would probably give you a negative test. Right now it's either self-diagnosis of celiac or NCGI, or glutening yourself up for 2-3 months to have someone tell you what you already know, that you shouldn't eat gluten.

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Damn doctors. Yes you could be celiac. Unfortunately because your Dr. was incompetent the only way to get celiac testing is for you to go back on wheat for a month or two. If you're comfortable sticking to the diet for the rest of your life as if you're celiac it's OK to forego the testing.

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