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I have this agonizing pressure in my upper abdomen, right under my ribcage. Feels like a gas bubble. Did anybody experience anything similar to that and did it go away?

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I have the exact same thing. I've been diagnosed with gastritis and that's what the dr said it was. I still have it. I hope it goes away soon because it's driving me nuts! I've been gluten free for 5 weeks now.

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Try some digestive enzymes and probiotics.

I got that last week when I either got glutened or had major pms (don't ask...).

I used to get acid attacks - too much stomach acid. This time I got too much acid, followed by too little stomach acid (I think). Too much acid = clenching knot. Too little = ball that just hangs out under my ribs after a meal.

Anyway, the digestive enzymes with food helped move the food faster, relieving the pressure. The probiotics helps level out your intestines.

There's another supplement others have taken for low stomach acid, I can't remember the name but search the site. It helps, I think. I didn't bother because mine passed quickly but if this becomes my new gluten signal I'm buying some.

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