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Hi, I'm new to the celiac issue, Having just heard about it three days ago. The symptoms match up with what I have suffered for nigh on 50 years. I've been severely constipatead all my life until January this year. Now I've had daily diarrhea for the last five months. My Dr's are slowly working to eliminate everything under the sun before looking for celiac. It takes forever to see a specialist. What clinched it for me was the tie in to mouth sores.

I often get blood blisters in my mouth. They start small and quickly grow. They burst in a day or so and then hurt like h*ll for a week or so. Does anyone get these kind of blisters? My dentist saw one the last time & freaked out. He'd never seen a blister filled with blood like mine.

It's painfully hard to eat when they are large and the blister breaks. This is usually brought on by fried food. There's a particular McDonalds that I avoid because their hash browns always cause my mouth to break out. Other things that cause it are some french fries and some chips. Doritos are the worst. Knarly artisan bread crusts that poke the inside of my cheeks can cause it too. (LOL. If this turns out to be celiac, I'll never eat at any McDonalds again or enjoy crusty artisan bread.)

I've never mentioned it to any Dr because I never have a blister during a Dr. visit. Being a "hypocondriac" I visit the Dr. pretty often, and they look in my mouth all the time. They never asked about it or mentioned it. My mom got these all the time as well, but didn't complain much. I guess I just followed her example, thinking it was normal.

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It's interesting to read that your trigger foods all appear to have salt in them. I suspect that you might be sensitive to iodine (most salt used in products and at restaurants tends to be the iodized variety). A number of us who have celiac also suffer from Dermatitis Herpetiformis, which are blisters that form on our skin when we ingest gluten; however, for many of us, iodine is also needed for the reaction to occur. Others are affected by salicylates. I've read several posts where people have described blisters in their mouths, as well, and I don't know if this is simply stomatitis (common with celiac) or if DH can occur inside the mouth. You might try avoiding iodine for a while to see if you can avoid getting mouth blisters. Iodine is found in seafood, iodized salt, asparagus, and sometimes dairy (depending on where you live). You might also visit the Dermatitis Herpetiformis forum to see if you can find similar descriptions.

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