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What Kind Of Doctor?

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What kind of doctor normally manages the case of a celiac patient once they're diagnosed? The GI doctor who did my endoscopy said he doesn't do anything beyond handing out the diagnosis unless a repeat endoscopy or something like that is needed. And my family doctor doesn't have a clue. He told me that some celiacs can eat wheat and others can't. I have to tell HIM to order blood work for vitamin deficiencies. Nothing about referring me to see a nutritionist or anything, either.

I'm going to be getting a new internal medicine doctor who should be more knowledgeable than the family doc. Would he/she be the one to manage my celiac as far as lab work, follow-up, nutritionist referrals, etc., or should that have been handled by the GI doctor?

Thank you!

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Hi there. Usually, your Internal Med Doc will manage all of your conditions, then refer you to specialists as needed. Also, if you have a condition such as arthritis, you would see a rheumatologist regularly without referrals. It depends on the condition and any follow up needed from the specialist. A very good internist is key. Be well.

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