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Testing Today. New Gi,, Im Hopful For Answers

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I had an EGD and a colonoscopy at a new GI today. He said everything looked good but we have to wait for biopsy results to know whats really going on. I really liked him so I'm hopeful he'll end up being a good doctor. At least he didnt laugh at me like my last GI when I discussed celiac and gluten.

He says I at least have a gluten intolerance if it isnt celiac. But ive been off gluten for 9 weeks now so I could possibly get a false negative. I knew that was likely but I went ahead with the testing without going back on gluten because it wasnt worth it to me. I have had remarkable improvements since going gluten free and the thought of going back makes me cry...I was so sick!

I had blood tests done prior to going gluten free and they came back negative, although I'm not sure a full panel was done. I feel positive, like this is the last of my tests. Whether they werent able to detect celiac or not I'm gluten free from here on out.

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Congrats on finding a better Dr 1st (so far so good at the not-laughing-at-your-med-problems part . ...us sick ppl & our high standards!) & 2nd for finding a healthier path forward. The "gluten-free from here on out" ending has a nice ring to it.

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