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I am in the process of trying to get a blood test for Celiac, but while I am here waiting I keep getting sick. Last night I hadn't had gluten all day, so I had some ice cream and a brownie. I am not trying to eat a lot of gluten, just some everyday to keep it in my system since I still need to get tested. At about 1 am I was up throwing up. Will this mess up the tests at all if I cannot keep the food down? I usually have bad D, but lately I have been throwing it up, won't even go past my stomach.

Ugh, I cannot wait to get tested so I can go gluten free finally. I am hating waiting and just want to feel better!

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I don't think vomiting will mess up the tests since gluten is absorbed through the mucous membranes...which is why people with celiacs will get sick from toothpaste that they don't swallow.

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