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Could I Have Celiac?

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When I was 13, I began reacting to gluten. I suddenly started to get very sick from eating it. I was staying at my grandparents house for 2 months so they couldn't take me to the doctor. I simply stopped eating it and felt amazing. I went to the doctor when I got home. Since I had stopped eating it, I couldn't get tested for celiac. So the doctor said I was probably gluten sensitive and just to stop eating it. I'm 14 now.

So my dad has always thought he had IBS. He went to the doctor recently and the doctor said he should get checked for celiac. Turns out he has it.

Am I gluten sensitive, or is there a possibility that I have celiac (now that my dad has it)

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I'd certainly suspect Celiac. But, be thankful that you discovered very early on that it was gluten causing the trouble. That makes such a huge difference for your entire life.

Seems to me, it'd be safer to proceed as though you have a diagnosis of Celiac, rather than to think taking risks would be "worth it", and end up doing damage. Additionally, there could still be a "honeymoon phase", during which you might falsely believe gluten posses no problem for you (the honeymoon phase is a period of time in which symptoms can diminish or disappear for awhile, only to return with a vengeance. Some individuals with Celiac experience this, others do not.)

If you desire, you could get the genetic tests for Celiac associated genes. Though just as with any of the tests, Celiac can never be ruled out entirely, regardless of the results.

Again, count yourself extremely fortunate! Many of us wish we knew so early!

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